Pencil, Paint, and Spanners!

Devon-based UK artist, illustrator and designer Richard Maby has been creating humorous Wheelie Funny motoring caricatures for clients worldwide for over 20 years and is a member of the Guild of Motoring Artists.

A lifelong classic and vintage enthusiast, Richard maintains (and uses!) a small collection of vehicles and has long appreciated the sculptural beauty which results naturally from the ‘form and function’ element of many earlier, artisan created machines – something which is often missing from modern designs inspite of the current trend for overt styling consciousness.

As the design world increasingly immersed itself in computer technology, Richard’s illustrative skills were often put to good use creating digitally manipulated images and montages for a variety of uses. This developed into using new technology to portray the old by exploring the combination of textures and imagery to produce a striking, individual look at the classic vehicle. Thus Spirit Retro Motor Art was born and, as with Wheelie Funny, this creative service is offered to owners of classic vehicles who might want something a little more unique than the traditional photographic portrait.