SPIRIT Retro Motor Art

SPIRIT digital motoring art

Now here’s something a bit different. Many owners probably regard their cherished classic as a work of art in its own right. Some may hang a photograph or painting of it on the wall, but SPIRIT Retro Motor Art takes artistic presentation in a new direction by using tools of the digital age to conjure for instance, the impression of an earlier period with a high visual fascination factor! But it’s not just for the classic and vintage periods however, as the colourful and dynamic SPIRIT style can also be applied to modern motoring and motorsports.

After discussing requirements and ideas, the starting point is one or more photographs of the machine or chosen aspects of it (these are usually supplied by the client). Then the fun starts as colours, texture, backgrounds and ephemera are digitally woven around, through and behind the original image and the whole comes together as an intriguing abstract portrait evoking a mood of the past and the soul of the vehicle.

The artwork can be produced to a size/format as required and supplied for framing, ready framed or as a box-framed canvas print.

SPIRIT artworks are a great way to display a favourite vehicle as more than just a photograph – or if there are more than one, present as a montage! They also make impressive display graphics for such uses as prestigious motoring event promotion and even themed venues, cafés, museums etc.

To see more examples, please visit my Spirit Gallery page

For more details, or to place an order, call Richard Maby on 01803 732731 or email: rmaby@btinternet.com